Houndey industries Co. was established at Taiwan Changhua Fangyuan Industrial area in 1990.
It is a professional production of various types of warp and circular knitted fabric. It has been to hold the "honesty, strictly, sustainability and technology leader" business philosophy since it was built. Also we are seizing the new technology, new materials; create new trends for prevalent goods in the market and customer’s needs.

The business philosophy-
Honesty ─ Honest with the customers, sincerity leadership and staffs
Strictly ─ to hold the pragmatic and steady of business principles
Sustainability─ Create a Sustainable development and business environment
Technology leader─ to seize the new technologies, new materials; The creation of new trends and popular

Sophisticated machinery and equipment
Dozens of imports Tricot & Raschel warp knitting machine.

Houndey has a group of professional R & D staff to develop the new fabrics, fashion fabric types and material.

We are not only procurement the sophisticated computer warp machines but also circular knitting machinery and equipment, the computerized flat knitting machine from Germany to enhance the diversification of quality assessment by the United States BQR and RAB system.

Our products include warp knit fabric, circular knit fabric and flat knit fabric, such as power net, raising and brush fillet, seine etc.
Our products are widely used in various industries.
Our products include of highly functional products, specialized water-repellent finishing, antibacterial finishing, absorbent finishing, moisture wicking, anti-static finish, fireproofing and UV resistant etc. Suitable leisure sports goods and special function products.
From sexy fabrics with a mysterious to comfortable, breathable, healthy fabric, our underwear to different consumers can show self-confidence.
Emphasizes comfort texture of fabric for car, Awarded famous brand use.
Appeal suede cloth production techniques and a great variety of clothing fabrics.
Creators can enjoy the sway to crop.
Protective gear have good flexibility and breathable, and import functional elements in a particular part.
In response to the rise of environmental awareness recently, we involved in the production of environmentally friendly yarn and research and design environmentally friendly material.

Diversified product portfolio:
Houndey continue to innovate and improve product value, promoting brands use creative products.

  • Recycle series
  • Seine
  • Elastic jacquard fabrics
  • Elastic mesh fabric
  • Tricot stitch lycra
  • Tricot raising lycra
  • Tricot plain lycra
  • Inelastic series

Houndey is committed to the development of functional fabrics.

In warp knitting machine with a fabric designed to develop multi-stage pressure sportswear and women seamless underwear with the functional demands.

Result of compression reduces the diameter of blood vessels, resulting in gradual rise of the pressure, increase the speed of blood flow through the vessels, which carry oxygen to the muscles to enhance the speed, so that the muscles work more efficiently and strengthen athletic performance.

Use organization and changes in the organization of the opening characteristic, the fabric is more breathable and diversification, the development of a variet y of seemless compression apparel, including compression clothing, compression pants, calf sleeve, and other product.

Houndey not only developed functional compression clothing, but also developed a variety of seemless fabric.

Products include sexy stockings, dresses, belts, clothes, pants, etc., using organizational changes designed to make the fabric more varied.

The seemless design can reduce the feeling of discomfort caused by Sewing Thread.

Fabric with excellent comfort, as well as more visually can exhibit beauty and performance.

The company focuses on the concept of sustainable development and built a strong caucus with forward-looking strategic vision.

It is focus on research and develops the products, and also improving the business coworker training, moreover the company is planning the distribution channels for goods in the future.
It creates a market positioning and a permanent competitiveness in the marketplace.

We will not only focus on the growth of knitting expertise but also committed to the research and development of environmentally friendly materials and functional products to meet the changing characteristics of the industry. I believe that in the near future we will share the joy of success together.

Head Office:

No.18, Gongqu 6th Rd., Fangyuan Township, Changhua County 528, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

TEL:886-4-8952043 FAX:886-4-8952046



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